Meet your local beekeepers!


Wildflower Honey Collective is a small scale honey operation owned by beekeepers Benjamin and Brianna, based out of Orono, Ontario. After graduating from University on Canada’s East Coast, Ben and Bri took time to travel throughout South America and across Canada, a journey that led them to strengthen their awareness of the natural world. Returning to Ontario in pursuit of making a sustainable contribution that would involve their love of cooking and the outdoors, they passionately joined the world of beekeeping - and they haven't looked back.


With a focus on outreach and education Ben and Bri offer workshops, talks and seminars to people of all ages, highlighting the importance of bees in our eco-system.  They combine their abilities of photography, farming, culinary arts and biology to weave together the story of the bees, the truth about colony collapse disorder and to promote a more healthy, environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

Brianna holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint Mary’s University and has an academic background in Biological Anthropology and Animal Conservation.  Her work experiences include animal care as well as educating and teaching animal conservation.  She is adept at administrative organization and customer service, she also runs the business' graphic design, social media accounts, public outreach and works hands on as a beekeeper.


Benjamin holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Saint Mary’s University and has an academic background in Sociology and Criminology.  He is a lifelong entrepreneur and has helped launch other small businesses. Benjamin comes from three generations of Beekeeping in his family.  He works with the business' public outreach and education,  recipe design and hands on as a beekeeper.


Address: Best Road, Orono, Ontario, CA L0B 1M0

Phone: 1-905-926-5195

Email:  briannamaccara@gmail.com

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