Wildflower Honey Collective was established in 2020 when a group of young Beekeepers in Southern Ontario made the decision to come together and unite their forces.


After managing their own brands, they realized that they each strived for the same goal: A healthy honey bee population, engaged customers, fantastic honey products and a sustainable and successful business. These beekeepers decided if they wanted to reach their goals they needed to work together - a collective was born.


Each member brings their own wealth of knowledge, drive, passion and hard work together to form something greater than the sum of its parts.  Wildflower Honey Collective looks to share their passion for bees and honey with a growing population of health conscious honey connoisseurs who want the best honey money can buy!


We proudly produce 100% pure Ontario Honey from bees that happily forage from the eclectic mix of abundant Wildflowers that call Southern Ontario Home.  We used tried and true traditional beekeeping techniques that allow us complete assurance our products are top notch. All of our products are produced with love in small batches. Above all else we care about our bees, we never sacrifice the health of the hive and stop at nothing to assure the success we feel is shared with these sacred little creatures.


Real People. Real Honey.


Devan Rawn


Brianna MacCara


Benjamin Dykeman